Monday, June 23, 2008

Teachers & Students Threatened

In the face of widespread public criticism, particularly on the Internet with regards to the issue that my DAP colleague, ADUN for Subang Jaya, Hannah Yeoh has been "banned" from the school prefects reunion which is being held outside of the school as blogged here earlier.

Now, the teachers and prefects of the school are threatened further by the school authorities that action will be taken if they were to attend the event and Hannah is present. Hannah has updated on her blog that:
I have just received a call informing me that a meeting has been held in their school this morning further threatening the prefects and even the teachers - if they attend the reunion, they will be sacked. Some people think this is a minor issue.

This is not a petty or a political issue. Teachers who want to attend the function to see their ex-students also face the threat of losing their jobs. Looks like the leadership style of the principal or the education ministry is nothing but suppression.
This is becoming a complete farce and I'll definitely find the appropriate opportunity in Parliament to berate the Minister of Education on this issue. What a farce.
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