Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Ahmad "Malay Audience Only" Ismail

Backed to the hilt by the entire Penang UMNO, Ahmad "penumpang" Ismail remains completely defiant despite being summoned to meet the Prime "flip-flop" Minister and his Deputy today. While we (cannot) wait for the (non)decision of the Barisan Nasional Supreme Council later this afternoon, which of course is subjected to UMNO Supreme Council endorsement (or rejection) tomorrow.

However, the following quote caught my eye in his post-meeting comments on Malaysiakini:
...he said: "The prime minister gave his views but he acknowledged what I did was for the party. Moreover, I want to remind (everyone) that my speech was delivered to a Malay audience."
Firstly, Pak Lah "acknowledged" that what Datuk Ahmad Ismail did was for UMNO. Seriously?

But secondly, and more importantly, his "speech was delivered to a Malay audience".

Is that an excuse? No wonder he was upset with the SinChew reporter because whatever racist statements made weren't meant to be heard by non-Malays! They were meant for Malay audience only!

Barisan Nasional divide and rule by race politics at its very best ;-)
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