Thursday, May 01, 2008

"Kotakan Kata"

I wore purple (the official colour of the JAG movement) too!
Picture courtesy of TV Smith

Upon entering the Parliament lobby yesterday morning, the first thing that happened as getting mobbed by the activists from JAG - Joint Action Group for Gender Equality ;-)

Remember Mak Bedah? Well, I was immediately presented with a cool looking cardboard folder, with the boldly written words "Kotakan Kata", a shorter form of "Kata Mesti Dikota" or roughly translated as "promises must be fulfilled".

Mak Bedah (Meera Samanther of Women's Candidacy Initiative) took pains to explain the points contained within the folder, which includes new laws which should be passed by this Parliament to reduce and prevent sexual crimes and harassment, and to re-activate the parliamentary gender caucus to curb gender discrimination and inequality.

We are also requested to apply pressure to the Government to withdrawal of all reservations by the Malaysian Government in relation to the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), which we are not yet a signatory.

I was even presented with a 6-inch ruler, as a gentle reminder that I will be measured by my performance in parliament to achieve the above objectives ;-)

While I can't guarantee that the Government will listen to me, I'll certainly play my part in the above objectives, all of which I found to be not only fair and just, but also imperative in a progressive and forward-looking society. And of course, I'll happily accept measurement ;-).

Watch the Mkini coverage of JAG in action in Parliament here, or read the Star coverage here.
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