Thursday, May 29, 2008

Urgent Motion Denied, Denied, Denied

Victim of police bashing at Bandar Mahkota Cheras (Malaysiakini)

Saudari Teo Nie Ching of SERDANG filed for an urgent motion 2 days ago, due for a hearing by the Speaker today on whether it could be debated in the House. Almost as expected, the motion was denied.

There are probably some 10 or so urgent motions which has been denied the chance to see the light of day in the House. So far the most frequently use reason for rejection is "not urgent" - be it urgent medical treatments on ISA detainees (not urgent), death to National Service detainees (not urgent) or death under police custody (only very few such cases).

So far, the only motion allowed for debate was on the issue of the sharp increase in the price of rice and its possible shortage.

Today, the Deputy Speaker once again rejected SERDANG's motion, that is to debate the police action and inaction over the Bandar Mahkota Cheras - Grand Saga toll controversy, which has resulted in individuals being hurt by thugs in full police presence and another being beaten up by some 20 police officers. This issue has hit the headlines over the past 3 days or so.

The Speaker ruled that the motion is not urgent, and that since the matter is under court action, the House is not permitted to discuss the issue as it would then be sub-judice.

Both SERDANG and myself stood up to point out to the speaker that the issue that is being discussed here in police inaction and brutality and not the case due for hearing in the courts. Hence there is nothing sub judice about the case.

The Speaker would have none of it, despite more members from the opposition bench speaking in support of the motion, of course with the BN backbenchers at the same time vocally opposing our cause for the Malaysian victims.

SHAH ALAM (Khalid Abdul Samad / PAS) stood to ask the speaker to explain to the house, if death and being beaten up by authorities isn't sufficiently "urgent", then what is the criteria the Speaker use to define "urgent"?

Well, obviously the question didn't require an urgent answer, and I don't expect to hear it any time soon.
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