Thursday, May 15, 2008

Questions for Next Parliamentary Session

Well, now that you get the gist of how the Parliamentary Question & Answer session works, it's time for submission of the next set of questions, due on June 2nd, for the next session starting 23 June 2008. The current session ends on the 27th May 2008.

You can either submit your questions to me via email, or alternatively, just post it in the comments column here on this post.

As per usual, the questions should be limited to 40 words in Bahasa Malaysia (if possible), and should be specific in nature to extract answers from the Minister.

E.g., a question like "Will the government abolish the ISA?" while important, will in all probability extract just a standard expected response which really gives us no further information for our use.

While questions asking specifics on numbers e.g., "What is the density of students between urban national and vernacular schools vs rural schools?", and specific plans to tackle certain issues e.g., hillside developments, will provide greater insight onto the internal workings, which will then allow us to make further constructive critiques or suggestions to the Government.

The "politicking" bits, e.g., lift the ban on media freedom etc. can (and will) be raised during parliamentary debate sessions instead of Question Time.

Note also that some of the other questions raised earlier which I have not had the chance to ask, I will look into adding them this time round. I'll need to submit 15 questions for oral replies, and 5 for written.

Thanks in advance for your contribution! ;-)
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