Saturday, May 03, 2008

Bird Park

Family Day @ The KL Bird Park today ;-)

Short update (5/5/08 Mon):

Thanks for the remarks in the comments below ;-) Some response here:

I didn't write anything for this post, I just thought a picture would be good enough. Don't have to comment on everything ;-)

The picture looks jaded because it's a photo of a photo. We didn't bring a camera yesterday morning, so took a RM10 instant photo short with the birds ;-). Well, instead of scanning the picture, I did the lazy way out by taking a photo of the photo to put up, hence the lack of sharpness ;-)

As for the orange shirt - well, orange/orange-bronze-red is my favourite colour, at this point of time anyway, hence the choice of colour of my car, my bag, and even some of my ties! heh... and of course, I just don't have that many shirts!

The bird park is a big place, plenty to walk and see, especially for kids, hence I'd certainly recommend it for families with young kids. Go early though to avoid the sun!
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