Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Blogs in Parliament

Blogs are all-rage now, it appears.

Fong Chan Onn (ALOR GAJAH), probably one of the last persons you'd expect to raise questions with regards to blogs, raised the following question today during Question Time:
[Adakah] Kementerian ingin menjadikan blog sebagai media alternatif untuk menyebar matlumat mengenai rancangan-rancangan Kerajaan memandangkan cara ini adalah sangat popular di kalangan orang muda?
The new Minister of Information, Ahmad Shabery Cheek responded quickly by saying "yes", they intend to do so, and the recent "Blog" programme on RTM is very popular and achieve very high ratings.

Unfortunately, both supplementary questions went to Barisan Nasional MPs (PONTIAN, the other) instead of the usual 1 to each side of the bench. The Speaker appeared a little embarrassed by the error, as it was followed by whistles of disapproval from the opposition bench. Both active Yang Berblogs in the house stood and didn't get our questions asked. I was planning to be cheeky and get the Speaker's attention that the Father of Malaysia's Blogs (Bapak Blog Malaysia), JELUTONG, should be given the chance to ask a question! ;-)

OK, so I chickened out. ;-)

Anyway, this was my intended question:
Adakah Kementerian Penerangan tidak lagi berpolisi di mana media massa arus utama (mainstream media) tidak dibenarkan mengangkat berita ataupun "source" daripada Internet dan Blog?

Dan adakah ini bermakna kerajaan tidak lagi menganggap penulis blog sebagai "penembak curi" ataupun "suri rumahtangga yang mengganggur" sepertimana diperinci oleh Menteri Penerangan yang lalu?
You are welcome to help me dig up the links to the articles whereby the former Minister of Information controversially claimed bloggers comprised largely of unemployed housewives! Heh...
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