Thursday, September 18, 2008

Living It Up

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Hey, an article I wrote for The Nut Graph finally got published! ;-)

I was told to be more personal in approach, so my first article "Living It Up" took a snapshot of my typical weekend nowadays, sometimes better, sometimes worse.

After reading the post, "you would understand the absolute need to be disciplined when it comes to the number of appointments I accept; otherwise, it would never end. Not only would my role as an MP be compromised by insufficient research and attention — I also wouldn’t get to spend precious moments with my family, who are my pillars of support.

And the discipline must be kept regardless of how demanding certain voters may be to secure “face time”. It has barely been six months since the general election, yet already there are those who complain they haven’t seen me around. There are more than 76,000 voters in my constituency, and if all of them expect me to go around meeting people with the same frequency as I did during the campaign period, it would certainly defeat the purpose of electing an MP in the first place.

It’s a case of working hard and working smart, to ensure that I can make a real impact in the constituency as an MP."
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