Thursday, September 04, 2008

Ahmad "I'll Not Apologise" Ismail

Barisan Nasional component parties were probably thanking their lucky stars for Deputy Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak's apology on behalf of UMNO over Datuk Ahmad Ismail's statement that Chinese minorities in the country were penumpang. While, it didn't fully resolve the issue, it certainly dissipated a fair bit of the minority communities anger over the racist remarks.

But no, this UMNO Bukit Bendera division warlord had other plans for MCA and Gerakan. Despite being pressed to apologise for his views and remarks, even after Datuk Seri Najib's face-saving apology, Datuk Ahmad Ismail, after "disappearing" for a few days, has stressed that he'll "not apologise".
"As far as I am concerned, I did not say or do anything wrong. So why should I apologise?"
He went on to reject claims that he was a racist and even cited many Chinese and Indians as his childhood friends.
Ahmad, in refuting claims that he was a “racist”, said he had been friends with many Chinese and Indian Malaysians since his childhood.

“I have never been racist and will never be. It is rubbish to suggest that I am a racist,” blasted Ahmad...
I really wonder, in his to-be-scheduled press conference on Saturday in Penang, whether these Chinese and Indian friends of his would dare to step up and stand behind this Datuk and provide personal testimonies to the effect that he isn't a racist?

In fact, I'd like to know which leader from Barisan Nasional will appear and stand behind him at the conference.

As a scriptwriter, I can envision 3 possible endings:
  1. Pak Lah gets woken up from his slumber by MCA, Gerakan, DAP etc., and decides to give this Datuk Ahmad Ismail a figurative tight slap and banish him from UMNO.

  2. Pak Lah continues his self-induced slumber to avoid antagonising a crucial warlord support in the coming party elections, leaving MCA and Gerakan red-faced with tails between their legs.

  3. Or would we instead get a apology but no apology type statement which we usually hear from Barisan Nasional leaders who shoot from their hip, "my statement was not intended to hurt anybody, but I'll apologise if you feel hurt by it." And of course, BN leaders, including MCA and Gerakan will claim moral victory and matters "resolved".
Where would you put your money? I know where to put mine. ;-)
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