Monday, April 28, 2008

Caught Blogging in the Parliament

That's me taking my oath (pic taken off video feed)

Heh... we were finally sworn into the Parliament today ;-)

While waiting for time to pass, there were 222 members of Parliament taking their oaths individually, both Jeff who sits right next to me, and myself decided that we'll test out the systems here from right within the Dewan Rakyat ;-)

Yes, the power supply was good and the broadband access with the CAT5 cables were working fine too ;-) It's a 2MB line, could be better of course, but can't complain.

And then, Wong Chun Wai of the Star picked up Jeff's blog entry and decided to have us interviewed for blogging in Parliament. Heh, we'll see how it appears tomorrow ;-)

[update 29 Apr (Tue)]

The Star carried the story here with this picture on the front page(!) You can even watch a short clip here. ;-)

That's me sitting next to Jeff in Parliament (pic courtesy of The Star)

But, it'll certainly be interesting blogging from the Parliament from hence on ;-)
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