Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Supplementary Questions Disallowed!

For the first time in the history of Malaysia, the Speaker of the Parliament has refused Supplementary Questions!

It is an absolute disgrace!

After MUAR asked the first question of the day, directed at the Prime Minister, on the Government's "new approach and plans to continue improving the public's quality of life especially in strengthening purchasing power, public safety and racial integration", the Prime Minister then gave his 15 minutes response of prepared speech, fairly standard answers.

What was shocking after that was the Speaker then ruling that "in the interest of time", we will then proceed to the second question! Of course, it created an uproar in the Dewan.

To us, it was a clear attempt by the Speaker to "protect" the Prime Minster from taking on questions by the Dewan.

After a short period of objections by opposition parliamentarians and justifications by the Speaker, thankfully, the Prime Minister stood up to request the Speaker that he be allowed to take on 1-2 questions.

MARANG (Hadi Awang) had the opportunity to ask the first supplementary question, which he used to ask on the cabinet inflation committee.

Oh, and you can check out also Wong Chun Wai's take on "the disgrace at Dewan Rakyat". Ok, I'm halfway to being convinced that I should get my wife (who terminated subscription of The Star in disgust during the election campaign period - I woke up one morning groggily and found SinChew in front of me instead ;-)) to possibly give The Star a second chance... ;-) And note, this has nothing to do with the fact that The Star gave my picture front page coverage yesterday!
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