Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sheer Arrogance

Arrogance amongst some UMNO and BN personalities continues despite having become opposition members in certain states. Sometimes it just defies belief.

Former deputy menteri besar (my apologies, should read chief minister) of Penang who was also in-charge of land matters, Datuk Abdul Rashid Abdullah had the gall to challenge the new government to come up with proof of impropriety with regards to land alienation exercises during the previous administration. He even lambasted...
...the new state government for not knowing how to run its administration and suggested that Lim “take lessons on land administration before making allegations about land discrepancies”.
Well, it looks like he may just get his wish with the impending disclosure of land with abnormal premium discounts given to certain quarters and state land alienated to big companies.

Steps are also taken to discover how some of the Penang Municipal councils are able to deplete their cash reserves at an unbelievable rates - such as Seberang Perai Municipal Council which saw their reserves dwindle from RM227m to RM25.6m within 7 years.
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