Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kicked Out of Parliament II

As per my earlier post on the sequence of events leading to my being ejected from the house, the Deputy Speaker has confirmed to reporters that he suspended me because "he[Tony] was arguing with me."

Indeed I was! But I was protesting my innocence and protesting the fact that the Speaker was making unwarranted disparaging remarks about me while I was already seated.

I reiterate that I was only standing to wait for the opportunity to raise a clarification to Pasir Salak who was speaking, and little else. But the speaker chose to reprimand me for God knows what reason.

On the other hand, when Pasir Salak and Bintulu (the Kuala Dimensi owner in the PKFZ scandal) was creating a total ruckus in the house, shouting and banging tables when Lim Kit Siang was delivering his speech, absolutely nothing was handed to them. Not even a reprimand from the same Deputy Speaker!
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