Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Why SingThe National Anthem?

The Chief Police Officer (CPO) of Selangor, under heavy criticism, retorts to media questioning of police actions by asking "Why Sing The National Anthem?"

Well, the simple answer to his stupid question, if he ever was really looking for an answer, is "Why not?" Is there a law against singing the National Anthem to demonstrate our patriotism to the country, among many many other things? The police seems to have forgotten that the event was held in the interest of, and for the betterment the country.

Fact of the matter is, we have told the crowd to disperse after the anthem is sung, and the police had decided to take action while it was being sung, instead of waiting even a few seconds more.

We took pains to cut short all our speeches, which in total added to no more than 10 minutes (it's all recorded I'm sure, so it's easily verifiable) and told everyone to go home. None of us really have any interest in getting arrested or create problems for the police. But of course, the CPO had to show the nation who's the boss.
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