Friday, November 07, 2008

Where Is My Condensed Milk?

My latest column in the Nutgraph is a little more self-indulgent, lamenting the extinction of condensed milk off our shores... sob!
Most Malaysians of my generation, or even the generation before, grew up with sweetened condensed milk (susu pekat manis) as an essential additive to our daily beverages. It was an item I could not do without when drinking kopi at my local coffee shop, making my own cup of Milo at home, or having teh tarik at my favourite mamak stall. In fact, the brand of condensed milk could often make or break the taste of your favourite drink.

But alas, sweetened condensed milk faced a slow but inevitable extinction in Malaysia sometime early last year. What all of us are consuming today, and what is available widely in all hyper- and mini-markets, is an inferior substitute called sweetened condensed creamer (krimer pekat manis). You haven't noticed? Well, now you know.
Want to find out why? Check it out at the NutGraph ;-).
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