Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Khairy Asks "Who is DAP?"

Many would have read Khairy's UMNO Youth speech by now. It contains some marked changes from UMNO Youth speeches from the past. Less "ketuanan Melayu", more "open competition". Whether the rank and file will pay heed to his "clarion call" will determine if UMNO survives or perish.

But the speech wasn't all about the need for change, he took the opportunity to hentam the Pakatan Rakyat parties as well. More specifically, he whacked DAP:
...who is DAP, really? Masking its almost mono-racial character with the chimera of a multi-racial platform - when in truth, DAP's priorities are unmistakably racial.

"After 40 years of Lim Kit Siang being a parliamentarian, the opening of one Malay branch was deemed fit to shout about, as though it was an astounding achievement. DAP is multi-racial only in name, for its actual agenda is couched in racist sentiment," he said.
I hereby openly challenge Khairy to name 1 instance where Lim Kit Siang or DAP uttered anything that is remotely racist. All our statements are available publicly both on our blogs, or the party's official website. Khairy should point out any article or statement in there by our leaders, which are so called "couched in racist sentiment" to back his claims.

Unless of course Khairy feels that when we talk of UMNO leaders being corrupt is a racist statement, or when we berate the stench from the RM12.5 billion PKFZ scandal as racist, or when we seek to protect the constitutionally guaranteed rights of minorities of their freedom as racist. Then, I would have really got nothing left to say.

Otherwise, if Khairy is unable to bring up at all any iota of evidence that DAP is racist, he should just go hide in his corner and play with his marbles, and stop making baseless statements to stir racial sentiments.

Khairy should look at himself and UMNO in the mirror, and count for himself the number of times the term "Malay" is stirred, and the manner in which all policies and speeches revolves around the race supremacy and dominance concept, instead of the Malaysian concept, and then decide who is the real racist party in this country.
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