Friday, October 09, 2009

DAP Alternative Budget 2010 Launched

Picture courtesy of The Edge

A little late with my update, but as you may well have known, the Alternative Budget for 2010 prepared by DAP has been officially launched. You may also download a PDF copy of it here.

There has been a fair bit of media reports and commentary on the budget as well. My favourite of all the extensive reporting will be the one written by Hazlan Zakaria and Aidila Razak of Malaysiakini entitled "DAP unveils 'rakyat first budget'". The funniest bit of the report was when it was written that I "claimed that state governments are held hostage by the 'Wimps and fancies of the federal government.'" (!) I was referring to "whims", but I'm happy to accept the "wimps" of the federal government as well ;-).

Other reports written by Malaysiakini are here - "DAP's shadow budget right on the money" (special thanks to Dr Lim Teck Ghee for his positive remarks ;-)), "Oil wealth to fuel DAP's shadow budget" and "DAP announces 'alternative' budget for all Malaysians".

The Malaysian Insider has also it's fair share of reporting - "DAP's alternative budget calls for a fair share of revenue" and "Guan Eng blames budget deficit on 'BN corruption'".

Even The Star did a short, but positive write up in "DAP draws up shadow national Budget", while The Edge provided good coverage on "DAP unveils alternative budget".

Finally, we'd like to thank our excellent 'A' team comprising of Teh Chi Chang (lead), Lee Kok Yew, Cheah Yi Peng, Lew Yin How and Sugashini Kandiah for their dedication and contribution towards the preparation of this Alternative Budget 2010. It would never have seen the light of day in its current form otherwise (if at all). Special mention is also be extended to John Lee Ming Keong and Ho Horng Yih for providing their views and input on the education sector. And finally, on behalf of the team, we'd like to thank Dr Woo Wing Thye of University of California at Davis, who to took time to review our early drafts of the Alternative Budget and provided us with invaluable insights of “fiscal federalism”.

Happy reading and constructive views welcome! ;-)
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