Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A New Era for DAP?

Amidst the much more controversial and exciting political party elections in the country at the moment (think MCA and UMNO), DAP will be holding ours as well in 2 weeks on August 23 at Crown Princess Hotel.

Unlike the rather complicated election structure and mechanisms in many of the other parties which are often difficult to understand, DAP's election processes are pretty straightforward. Nominations are directly by branches, our very grassroots, and only 2 nominations are required to make yourself a candidate for the Central Executive Committee (CEC).

The CEC on the other hand is the only position you will be elected to, and it will comprise of 20 elected members. Between these members, the DAP Secretary-General and other relevant positions will be determined.

CEC members are elected via branch delegates. Each branch is at least eligible to send 1 delegate or more, depending on the number of members (e.g, a 26 member branch will get to send 3 delegates, 51 member 4 delegates etc.). Delegates are voted by the members of the branches itself.

Together with many other new faces in the party, I've been nominated for a position in the CEC. There has been quite a few reports in recent weeks on the upcoming elections. 73 members were nominated, whilst 15 have turned them down leaving a record 58 candidates contesting for the 20 elected seats.

Wan Hamidi of The Malaysian Insider wrote "the political tsunami of March 8 general election is going to sweep DAP too. For its coming party polls later this month, 44 new faces will challenge the 29 incumbents, mostly DAP old guards." After August 23rd, will you see "a new era for DAP?"

Jocelin Tan of The Star thinks that "the new CEC will definitely be a lively mix of experience and youth and newcomers like Pua, Liew and DAP's guitar-playing MP for Jelutong, Jeff Ooi, are quite likely to make their debut in the line-up.

If they succeed, they will lend the DAP a more contemporary image that will help the party connect with the younger crowd as well as change the way non-Chinese perceive the party."

Well, come what may, I have every confidence that while the Party may still come up short in several measurements at the moment, we are certainly heading clearly in the right direction and playing our roles in making Malaysia a better place for all Malaysians ;-)

(Oh, and for you guys out there who are interested in the party's rejunevation process, please join us as a member! Email me for details ;-))
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