Monday, August 25, 2008

DNA Bill Gets Priority

The picture says it all about UMNO and Barisan Nasional.

But the actions weren't limited to Permatang Pauh where the mother of all by-elections is reaching its climax. At the start of this parliamentary session the new "DNA Bill 2008" was introduced to the Parliament for the first reading.

On the very next day, this bill was then placed on the agenda for second reading and placed 4th out of a list of 6 bills to be debated. The first was the "National Kenaf and Tobacco Bill 2008", followed by the "Education (Amendment) Bill 2008", which is currently being debated.

Next due was supposed to be the much "anticipated" "Universities and University Colleges (Amendment) Bill 2008" to be debated.

However, that has just been changed in the order paper today. The DNA Bill has now been moved up, for reasons on the Government would know, while the UUCA Amendment bill pushed back to 5th on the Agenda. This also means that it may be unlikely that UUCA amendments will get approved by the House this week.

Once again, the Government is clearly in a rush to pass the DNA Bill before the room to debate bills end this Thursday as the Budget will be announced on Friday, followed by debates on the Budget after the puasa and raya recess.

To quote one of my colleagues who just smsed me after being informed of the news, "what the hell are they doing? The ass is more important than the uni."
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