Monday, December 31, 2007

Donations for Ganabathi (Update)

The cheque handed over to Gana's brother from Weng San and me

Just to let everyone know that DAP Damansara has collected a total of RM4,860 and handed over the cheque to Gana's family on Saturday morning.

Four of us had a pleasant discussion with Gana's wife and elder brother who have managed a few trips to Kamunting to visit him. He's in decent spirits, lost about 5 pounds of weight and complains about the food ;-). Those detained under ISA are actually allowed visits any time during the day, 45 minutes each time. He's now spending the bulk of his time reading (3 books allowed per week) and writing.

The family will like to thank everyone who has contributed and sent their well wishes. They still strongly believe in Gana's sacrifice for a good cause and we can hope and pray for his early release from ISA detention.

For those who are still keen to donate, the DAP National Headquarters have set up a Trust Fund for the 5 Hindraf leaders detained under ISA. You may do so by depositing cash or cheque into the following account:
Bank: Malayan Banking Berhad (Maybank)
Account Number: 5141 7814 5866
Account Name: Democratic Action Party
All funds in the account will be to cover the necessary legal expenses as well as to support the detainees' respective families. Your generosity is much appreciated!
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