Saturday, December 01, 2007

Baby Yok Shan

Some of you might remember about 3 months back, there was a major tradegy involving Tengku Ampuan Rahiman hospital in Klang with a newborn, Lai Yok Shan. Through medical negligence on the part of the hospital staff and administration, her left arm was infected, became gangrenous and subsequently, had to be amputated.

What was most outrageous was the fact that despite the initial hullaboo, after which a panel of top specialists were appointed to look after baby Yok Shan, it became apparent that these "specialists" were clearly not doing their work. Parliamentary Opposition leader, Sdr Lim Kit Siang has written on his blog post back in September:
Lai’s parents, her father Lai Kian Khee, 24 and mother Nur Tuemthong, were told on National Day eve that Yok Shan will undergo an operation expected to last from two to four hours on Sept 1 - a day after 50th Merdeka National Day - to amputate her left arm, but in actual fact, no amputation was needed as the blackened arm came off when the orthopaedic surgeon lifted and turned it.

This showed how little the panel of medical specialists knew about Yok Shan’s condition despite all the hullabaloo about its establishment to treat the baby girl!

Well, approximately 10 days ago, baby Yok Shan finally received a letter offering compensation to baby Yok Shan, who was represented by DAP Selangor Legal Bureau Chief, Sdr Lim Lip Eng. When the offer was made known to the parents, they were clearly not satisfied with the offer. And despite running the risk of a protracted legal case by seeking higher compensation via the courts, the parents decided that it was the best option for baby Yok Shan.

DAP national legal bureau member, senior lawyer Sdr Gobind Singh Deo (son of DAP strongman, if you are not aware) took up the case and filed a suit against the Government asking for in excess of RM2 million in damages.

What do you think? Check out the blog, for additional footage and details.
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