Wednesday, November 07, 2007

KJ "Protection"

Khairy Jamaluddin says he wants to use "protection" to change things, as reported by The Star.
PETALING JAYA: Khairy Jamaluddin says that being the Prime Minister’s son-in-law has provided him “protection” which he wants to use to change things for the better. The Umno Youth deputy chief said he was able to “push the envelope now” partly because of that relationship with the prime minister.

“There’s a certain extent (to which) these people in Umno will not go after me. So it gives me ‘protection’ to change things. If I don’t use this ‘protection’ to change things for the better, then I’m just wasting time and marking my time to go up the ladder of politics. That’s not what I am about.

“I want to use this time that I have while I have this ‘protection’ to change things, to change Umno for the better.”
Interesting. And making UMNO a more 'racialised' party, less tolerant of the other Malaysian races as well as promoting the Ketuanan Melayu and the New Economic Policy agenda - "changing UMNO for the better"?
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