Monday, November 05, 2007

Bar Council March

That's Ting Fong doing the "wave" ;-)

Yes, yes, the "March for Justice" was like eons ago... but I finally found the time to download the pictures from the camera and sort through them ;) Plus, its probably a good reminder that while the march was more than a month ago, there has still been no tangible result from the "independent" panel "investigations" or by anybody else.

I like this pic, unfortunately, it's a video capture...
('cos the camera-man didn't know how to use the camera! ;-))

Yes, we were all tourists that day visiting the mighty Istana Keadilan.
Ng Lip Eng, Liew Chin-Tong, Lau Weng San, YB Teresa Kok, me & Ting Fong

More touristy shots for those arriving early for the March.
I won't name the others in the picture ;-)

The crowd gathers for the biggest gathering of lawyers ever.
Note the irony of the "50th Years of Independence" banner in the background.

Ah, the Hammer of Justice, courtesy of Jenice Lee

Dark clouds hang over the Corridors of Power

Ah, Kay Peng, Li Tsin and Weng San taking shelter from the impending downpour
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