Wednesday, September 05, 2007

DAP Malaysian First Budget 2008

Hey guys, finally I've gotten my big project out of the way :) The 52-page DAP Malaysian First Budget 2008 is finally released to the public today, 2 days before Pak Lah's government announces theirs.

I'm too overdosed with caffeine, accumulated over the past 2-3 weeks at this point in time to write too much about it now. But you can read the latest reports by Malaysiakini in English and in Chinese.

Plus, you can download the full Budget document, entitled "Malaysian First: Unity Driven Equity, Growth & Innovation" to get a firsthand account ;). Know that we have worked on the budget with overwhelmingly limited resources both with regards to people and information and we are more than happy to welcome additional suggestions.

OK, got to go get my sleep now. Will certainly post more on the Budget in the coming days. ;)
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