Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy Lunar New Year!

For all the Chinese friends and readers out there, I wish you a healthy, contented and prosperous year of the fiery boar. For all other Malaysians, I hope you are all enjoying a safe and peaceful holiday, as well as enjoying food at the various open houses.

Well, it's all out in the open now. I've disposed of all my interests of the company I founded. I've tendered my resignation as the chief executive officer. I've fully retired from the corporate world. As I've mentioned at the start of the year, 2007 will be the year I will forever remember as a major transition in my life.

Malaysiakini carried a brief interview with me on my taking the plunge into Malaysian politics with the Democratic Action Party. Today, if you've got your copy of the Sunday Star, Joceline Tan did a piece on me. Wah, for the latter article, I really a little shy man (blush!)...

Li Tsin of Malaysiakini asked for my comments comparing me to (gasp!) Khairy...
I would be flattered to be compared with the PM's son-in-law and from what I read he is one of the most powerful persons in Malaysia and I would most certainly be flattered if I was compared side by side with him.

I am just a political rookie and I've not been in politics before (laughs). I think the fact that we graduated form the same institution shouldn't be relevant because what matters is the principle that we believe in and whether we use whatever we have learnt from school, whatever training we've received for the betterment of Malaysians in general.

That should be the yardstick that I would like to be measured in, not so much where I graduated.
While Joceline finds it difficult to see me as an opposition politician demonstrating at toll booths, getting handcuffed and sent to lock-ups.
"If one has to be taken to the lock-up, it should be for a worthwhile cause. You won't find me standing in front of an FRU truck, asking to be arrested. But if the cause is that of speaking the truth and if the authorities have to use harsh measures, I will have to face the consequences."
Its a new year, and I get a new start. Kicking it off on the first day of the Lunar New Year is certainly as good a time as any. I've been extremely blessed over the past 35 years. I can only assume that for at least the next 25 years, I hope to return the favour to society. I look forward to playing my little part to help build a better Malaysia.

Thank you for all the support shown here, via emails and sms. Really appreciate them. Wish me luck!
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