Sunday, February 11, 2007

Editorial Note

I have written these notes earlier in my other blog. This is with regards to the policies over “commenting” on this blog.

As stated before, I'd more than welcome comments on this blog, fair-minded ones from fair-minded people, which are relevant to the post or issue which I have raised. And as many can testify, I am not so presumptuous as to think that I have a monopoly over the 'right' opinions. I certainly welcome civil disagreements, and even tolerate not so civil ones in the hope that such a discourse will make all of us more enlightened. And that is one of the key reasons why I've continued to allow anonymous commenting despite having been advised otherwise by many. I don't even 'moderate' the comments, and I hope I don't have to do so in the future.

However, it has always been a policy on my blogs that the owners have absolute right to delete irrelevant comments, which are clearly not related to the posts. Is this a form of censorship? Yes of course. But is it preventing free speech? Goodness no, the parties who would like to make such irrelevant posts are free to make such posts elsewhere in their own blogs or by writing to newspapers and magazines. The blogs I've set up are certainly privately owned, and the owners gets a reasonable right to determine what gets published. The blogs are certainly not public property.

Recently, it appears that as my profile gets a little more political, there are more people out there (or is it one, who does repeat posts?) who are keen on taking internet-protected anonymous potshots at me. That in itself isn't a problem. As readers can see, I leave plenty of “hate-mails” published within the site. They do make an interesting read ;)

However, when remarks are made, whether justified or otherwise, which relates to others such as the company which I formerly owned, or my family and friends, that is detrimental to their interests, then I will have no hesitation in deleting these comments. They, the company and its employees, as well as others, should not be made to suffer in any way at all, just because I have my political opinions and that I choose to blog. It's not personal, it's not political, it's just simple ethics. Go ahead and criticise me if you like, but leave parties which are or were personally associated with me out of it.

This is an important principle which I intend to uphold on this blog and I don't see a reason why I should be apologetic about it. I'm sure that the overwhelming majority of readers out there will not have an issue with it.

Happy blogging ;)
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