Monday, December 18, 2006

Greener Pastures

Are you leaving the country yet for greener pastures?

This is certainly not a new issue. I was reminded today on a letter from a talented but "very frightened Malaysian" written some 20 months or so ago, who was not sure whether he wanted to return to motherland. I blogged about it here in "Education in Malaysia", and it is the 5th most popular post on the blog, attracting more than 5,300 pageviews to date.

Well, according to a New Straits Times report, an exodus of Malaysians is on the cards.
"On an average, we used to receive between 15 and 20 enquiries (on migration) a day," said Desmond, a migration agent in Kuala Lumpur. "However, over the last two weeks, our phones have been ringing non-stop."

This "ringing non-stop" translates into about 6,500 enquiries for migration to Australia between Nov 14 and Nov 19.
According to Desmond, the callers were multi-racial. These people are also lining up to sell their houses.
Checks with real estate agents also revealed an increasing number of people wanting to sell their houses. "The reason given by most of them is that they are migrating and needed to dispose of their houses," said Chan, a real estate agent from Kuala Lumpur.
So, why the sudden rush? Now, is there a correlation with a "distorted UMNO" during their recent General Assembly? Or a little to do with UMNO Hypocrisy? Or for that matter, the proverbial NEP or Never Ending Policy? Or how UMNO and the Prime Minister's infamous son-in-law can't count?

I didn't think much of it then, when Sdr Lim Kit Siang raised 3 weeks back the concern of a new exodus of professionals of all races from Malaysia. But it looks like the veteran Parliamentary Opposition Leader is clearly astute with his perceptions.

For those who are leaving the country for good, I wish you well. But for those who are staying for one reason or another, we should band together to build a better future for our children and theirs.

Me? I'll certainly be sticking around.
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