Saturday, December 09, 2006

More Wives, Win Awards!

In a bit to outdo the obsession of the PAS-led Kota Baru municipal council with women, the UMNO-led Terengganu now offers awards to married men 'sacrifices' themselves to marry single mothers.

Terengganu State Exco for Women and Community Development chairman Wan Mohd Wan Hassan announced on Thursday that "men who chose to take single mothers as second or third wives would receive a special award from the state government".

Terengganu State Exco members, as far as I'm concerned, haven't got their heads screwed on properly. If the state is sincere in its intention to help these single mothers, for goodness sake, donate cash, buy them proper housing, provide employment, provide free childcare or for that matter, provide match-making services with single, gainfully employed men!

Marrying the single mothers to existing married men isn't in any way a logical solution! More likely than not, you'd end up with broken homes, poorer incomes and an unhappy family.

Argh.. how can such an insensitive, male-chauvinist idiot like Wan Mohd Wan Hassan be given a portfolio like "Women and Community Develpment". A perfect example of a bungling UMNO government.

Thankfully, the federal minister of Women and Community Development, Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, had a little more sense (probably because she's a woman) has requested for the bill to be withdrawn. And it had better be!
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