Thursday, September 10, 2009

"Mahu Cari Angpow" Wants Apology

I'm sorry, I just found this really really really funny. "Senior" and "experienced" politicians sending legal notices to others for taking a mickey out of them! I've not been in the political circle for very long, just about 2 years. But I've seen enough before and after I've joined politics, both in Europe and in Malaysia, to know that political humour, i.e., taking mickey out (making jokes) of your political opponents is a political norm, accepted and enjoyed by those in the audience.

But now, "mahu cari angpow" MCA wants Lim Guan Eng to apologise for face a legal suit for making fun of MCA, which really is not only silly for pursuing a most trivial issue, but also politically stupid for continuing to publicise "mahu cari angpow", and hence ingraining the term in the minds of the masses (whenever people think of MCA).
Penang MCA has sent a legal notice to Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, demanding an apology over his alleged derogatory and inflammatory remarks against the party.

“We have sent the A.R. Registered notice to Lim’s old house in Malacca to remind him that he is an outsider who has come to Penang.

[Deputy state MCA chief Eng Hiap Boon] said Lim, who is DAP secretary-general, had allegedly described the MCA as a “Money Collecting Agency” and “Mau Cari Angpow”, making fun of the party’s acronym (MCA) at a dinner in Taman Dedap, Raja Uda, on Aug 30.
At least DAP knows how to enjoy political banter. When MCA Penang Wanita chief Tan Cheng Liang ridiculed DAP "Dapat Ang Pow", we thanked her for it for indeed on the March 8th elections last year, DAP "Dapat Ang Pow". MCA on the other hand took themselves too seriously!

She even went to the self-righteous extent having to emphasize that "MCA was one of the component parties that fought for the country’s independence."
“The party established the foundation for the settlement and development of the Chinese community in Malaysia. It also helped the Chinese, which includes Lim, to obtain citizenship besides providing the freedom to participate in politics, economy and education under the Consti tution,” she said.
(Yawn! ... and we should henceforth be eternally grateful to MCA and give them all the ang pows they need to pursue their desired lifestyles)

She then makes the silly argument that "how can you go to a non-governmental organisation (NGO) function and say such things when we (the MCA) do not have a platform to rebut?"

Excuse me? The opposition, including the DAP gets attacked on a daily basis at both NGO and Government official functions by Barisan Nasional, as well as in the BN-controlled mainstream media without "a platform to rebut"!! What the hell is she talking about?!

MCA's focus on this issue really signals its irrelevance, when there are so many other bigger issues for us to focus on in the interest of the country. Political banter, with both sides taking the mickey of each other will always be there (or it'll be like "politics" in Singapore). At the end of the day, whether a "name" sticks or not, depends on the electorate who will make their own informed decisions on the issues at hand.
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