Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Air Untuk Rakyat

For all those interested in all the on-going issues with regards to the Water Industry Restructuring Exercise in Selangor, please feel free to visit:, set up by the state government.

It contains official statements by the State Government, plus various statements by the members of the Water Review Panel, including myself.

The latest update is the Menteri Besar's statement that we are prepared to go to the courts, should Syabas be allowed to increase its tariffs next month.

It is also a response to the Minister's statement yesterday, as reported in Berita Harian that "kenaikan [tarif] sudah dipersetujui Ketua Audit Negara dan termaktub dalam perjanjian. Mahu atau tidak, Kerajaan Selangor perlu mematuhinya."
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