Friday, July 06, 2007

Comment Moderation

It is with great regret that I have decided to switch on comment moderation with immediate effect. If you have followed my blogs, I have allowed plenty of alternative views as well as criticism (directed at me or my views) in the comments.

However, for the past 2 weeks, a few incorrigible brats (under whose payroll, I have to wonder) have decided to vandalise this site to incite unconstructive name calling, racist remarks and other better-left-unmentioned responses. I have been patiently and diligently deleting these comments but it becomes difficult to maintain when I'm running all over the place.

We know that these offenders are in the minority, and hopefully after a short while, I will be able to return the blog to a unmoderated status.

In the mean time, I can only ask for our regular and loyal readers to be patient as your comments will not appear immediately on this blog. I'll try to access as frequently as possible to "process" these comments. And certainly, I'll apologise for any inconvenience caused. But don't worry, constructive criticisms, personal or otherwise, continues to be welcomed. ;)
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