Tuesday, January 02, 2007

MCA, Our Hero

"MCA the voice of the Chinese."

So says the President of the Malaysia Chinese Association (MCA), Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting as reported by The Star, which MCA owns.
“We do not run away from or avoid any issues. We believe in results and actual consequences rather than in making superficial statements and leaving problems unresolved,” he said.
Do you see the "results and the actual consequences"? Or do we just hear "superficial statements and problems unresolved" by MCA? It's quite unbelievable that Datuk Seri Ong could actually state the above with a straight face.

I won't attempt to rebutt the MCA president point by point, that'll be writing a book but just touch on some of the key issues raised.

Non-Malays and GLCs
MCA thinks that as the GLCs belong to the Government, they should be open to every Malaysian. MCA has proposed several times to the Cabinet to have more non-Malays recruited into GLCs. This is to ensure that they will have an opportunity to contribute to the country.
After nearly 50 years of independence, are there more non-Malays in GLCs (which have become increasingly powerful and dominant over the economy) or are there less? Former Deputy Prime Minister, Tun Musa Hitam himself admitted as much that GLCs seeks only to recruit Malays.

The fact that MCA has admitted to proposing "several times" to the Cabinet to have more non-Malays recruited", and yet failing to achieve the desired results, doesn't it prove its incompetence, or worse irrelevance?

Chinese Education & Schools
Through the MCA's efforts in the past six years, a number of Chinese primary schools were approved to be built or relocated to new areas especially in new townships with high Chinese density. This has eased problems of the lack of Chinese schools in certain areas.

How many new Chinese primary schools were built over the past 10 years? None!

And how many Chinese primary schools were relocated in that period? Less than 5!

And how many new Chinese primary schools are expected to be built in the next 5 years? Again, none! There is only expected to be 1 new Sekolah Wawasan (Vision School) in Putra Heights, Puchong and a relocated school in Kulai, Johor (which, by the way, was "promised" way back during the 1999 elections).

How many new Chinese schools does the country actually need to build or relocate based on current needs?

The statistics illustrated above speaks for itself. The number of Chinese primary schools have declined from 1,333 in 1957 to 1,288 today, despite the enrolment numbers more than doubling from 310,000 to 636,000!

And the MCA President was eternally grateful to the Minister of Education, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein for 1 Vision School, and 1 relocated school.

Scholarhips for Non-bumiputeras

This issue has been discussed extensively at my other blog, Education in Malaysia. The failure of Barisan Nasional component parties "representing" the interest of non-bumiputeras is clear as day, and yet the President of MCA blames it on "wrong public perception – on why some applicants were rejected".

We, the rakyat of Malaysia, would like to state unequivocally to the President of MCA, that we "believe in results and actual consequences rather than in making superficial statements and leaving problems unresolved."
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