Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Groundhog Day

After 4 years of implementing the National Service programme for our young Malaysians, our authorities still display the same incompetence. Same old, same old. From illegal buses, the nightmare logistical flight arrangements to the chaos at registration centres, the conclusion is straightforwardly simple - the National Service Department screwed up for the umpteenth time, despite supposed years of experience in dealing with the "teething problems".

The longer term question is, will our national leaders have the political courage to do the right thing?

The Deputy Prime Minister has asked the Department to conduct the necessary "investigations".

The Department has been quick to issue statements denying responsibility for some of the chaos - "Flight delays beyond our control". (In other words, we didn't have any contingency plans.)

At the end of the day, when the dust settles, which thankfully, it'll settle, what are we going to do about it to prevent a recurrence? Should incompetent staff be demoted, if not sacked altogether? Shouldn't we have a culture which promotes excellence instead of incompetence and irresponsibility? With no stern action taken, it'll only send the signal that the government isn't at all concerned with a poorly performing civil service and are happy that the same jokers continue to make a mockery of our delivery system.

Are we waking up to another Groundhog Day?
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