Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Tony Pua Ordered To Pay RM200,000 Damages to SYABAS

Dear friends & supporters,

I've been ordered by the Kuala Lumpur High Court Judge Amelia Tee Hong Geok Abdullah to pay RM200,000 damages to Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor (SYABAS) for demafing the latter.

I'll make available the 49-page judgement later, but I was found to have defamed SYABAS for the following impugned words in a Chinese article published in Nanyang Siangpau in November 2009.
"Tony Pua said... the Selangor State Government will aggressively launch a signature campaign to return water rights to the people of Selangor... He said, after the breakdown of negotiations for the Selangor state government's plan to take over the 4 concessionaires, [the Selangor state government] launched the signature campaign to return water rights to the people, to ensure the water tariff in the state of Selangor will not be increased by 37%. 
... He said, if the water concessionaires have insufficient funds to repay its loan, it should return the water rights to the state government; if the water concessionaires are unable to replace water pipes, it should give up or exit the water business..."
The bold text above are deemed to have defamed Syabas.

I would maintain that the above statement is not defamatory, and will instruct my lawyers to file an appeal in the Court of Appeal.

Thank you all for the support! ;-)
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