Thursday, March 13, 2008

Perak Uncertainty

Hi all,

The party and myself have received thousands of sms'es, emails and blog comments over the last day or so with regards to the situation in Perak, and in particular over the statement by Sdr Lim Kit Siang on behalf of the DAP Central Executive Committee (CEC).

I'm not privy to all the details as I'm not part of the CEC. However, I have faith that circumstances may have dictated the type of response issued. More importantly, I do hope that we do not get so blinded by victory that we are ready to sacrifice everything else just to get rid of Barisan Nasional.

Kit Siang has nothing to benefit from making the statement he did. But I can assure you that should a party decide to implement policies which are detrimental towards a multi-racial and multi-religious society in Perak over the next four years, the DAP will be crucified, often by the same people who are giving Kit Siang hell at the moment.

It should be noted that PAS has only 6 seats in Perak. The DAP has made it known earlier that we were happy to accept PKR nominee for MB. Why is PAS adamant on MB post? Should they be equally gracious in conceding the position to the wishes of the other 2 parties with more seats?

DAP wants to be part of the new government. But we need to do it on the right footing.

It should be noted that the MB holds immense power in the state and if the ground rules aren't cut properly, then we will all suffer for the next four years.

Yes, the entire episode could have been better managed by all parties involved. But for many who placed the entire blame on Kit Siang, I thought it was not only unfair but also misguided.

I have trust and faith the Perak government issues will be resolved in due time. A couple of days delay to ensure a smoother 4-5 years of government would certainly be a worthwhile wait.
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