Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ceramah @ SS2 Chow Yang

I just got my hands on these pictures...

Umbrellas all around the field...

And that's me completely soaked still shaking the hands of well-wishers!

This ceramah was held on Thursday, 6th March next to the SS2 Chow Yang pasar malam. It was certainly a wet evening as rain started and stopped umpteen times. However, about 10 minutes before I spoke, and I was the last speaker for the evening, it started pouring absolutely cats and dogs! It rained often during the campaign period, but that evening at Chow Yang was certainly the heaviest.

It was my shortest speech in my entire election campaign - probably 5 minutes or so, so as to ensure that the crowd doesn't have to keep standing in the rain. Of course, there's self interest involved - if everyone gets sick, then they can't go to the ballot boxes on Saturday! ;-)

The fact that I actually spoke was due to my being extremely touched that the large crowd actually continued standing in the heavy rain to wait for me to speak... and I had to tell everyone to go home early and return the next evening for the grand finale at SS2 the next evening.

Of course, with the benefit of hindsight, it was all worthwhile in the end ;-)
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