Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Hi guys, first of all I must apologise for neglecting my blogging duties of late, both here and at the Education in Malaysia blog. One reader even commented on the education blog that "this site is dying". Please be comforted to know that it is not my intent to neglect them, nor will I neglect them permanently. ;)

Unfortunately, after Machap and to a much lesser extent Ijok, compounded with internal (non-bloggable) party work and research (not to mention, travelling the country a bit), the energy is drained a bit. And certainly, with whatever balance of time left, the missus and the kid will obviously get the priority above all else ;) But with the by-elections over, and having just completed writing and editing for the upcoming latest issue of the English Rocket, the work schedule seems to have eased a little bit. So hopefully I can get back up to blogging speed. ;)

There are also a few speaking engagements, forums and dinner functions coming up, so will update accordingly in subsequent posts ;) Thanks everyone for being patient ;)
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