Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Star Still Shine?

Is it me, or is it a fact that after a mini-Prague Spring post the March 8, 2008 elections where The Star demonstrated greater balance as "The People's Paper", the blooming period is all but over? It appears that we have now entered the period of "normalisation".

Reading The Star (yes I know it's difficult reading the paper, but it's part of my job) these few weeks has been more often than not, a little (understatement) nauseating, especially with the editorial slant and direction.

What happened to the lessons learnt after the last elections? Quickly forgotten obviously. The Unbearable Lightness of Being no more... Sigh.

Of course, it'll now also become the key vehicle for it's shareholders to launch its "rebranding" exercise. Maybe they'll come up with a new name for MCA... (or a new tagline for The Star).

Update: Interestingly, this report was published after I wrote the above post - The Star is expected to suffer first contraction in 10 years.
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