Sunday, October 05, 2008

New Economic Advisor @ DAP

There's a new economic advisor to DAP secretary-general in town. It's a position I've held for the past 18 months helping the party boss and DAP itself with economic policy-making. Well, in the light of the developments over the past 6 months since elections - the fact that I've been elected an MP, and am also now the DAP National Publicity Secretary - it's time for new blood to take over ;-)

Let me then introduce to you our latest "catch", Teh Chi-Chang.

Chi-Chang, 37, was the Director, Head of Malaysia Equity Research before being promoted to the Director for Utilities and Media, Asia-Pacific Equity Research at Citibank Investment Research, his last held position.

Prior to his experience at Citibank, he was the Executive Director cum Head of Research at Hwang-DBS Vickers Research in the country.

He received his MBA from Cambridge University in 2002, is a certified Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and graduated with a first-class honours degree from University of Warwick in Accounting & Financial Analysis in 1993.

His introduction in his new blog states that:
I decided it was time to put more "life" into the work-life balance and give back to society after 14 years in the equity investment world. I have been lucky - I have had to work very hard but scholarships and good jobs have come my way. It is my dream that all Malaysians will have the opportunity to develop to their fullest potentials. My contribution to realising that dream is sharing my economic and investment expertise with those working to make a difference.

Hence my decision to sign up as Economic Advisor to DAP Secretary-General and Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng. Reasoned debate backed by sharp analysis and incisive critiques will make for better decisions and a thriving nation. And I hope my actions will inspire other Malaysians to also join in and share their talents.
His credentials are certainly impeccable and I'm certain that he will contribute greatly to DAP's policy-making credentials and competence in the months and years to come.

He blogs @ Analyst At Large, and he has also written on why he has decided to join DAP. Once again, a very very big welcome! ;-)
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