Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Another Little Hiatus

Sorry guys, I've been neglecting the blog once again. Believe me, its not out of choice ;-) There's just so much to do preparing for the upcoming elections that all the remaining time left you'd just want to spend it with the wife and kid.

Just what exactly am I doing? ;-) I don't think a written explanation will do my work justice, but it'll go some way towards "explaining" my absence ;-).

For example, writing letters to voters (10% of say, 60,000 voters is still 6,000 letters!) which will involve, writing, editing, layout, printing, signing, folding, inserting into envelopes, picking addresses, printing mailing labels, sticking them on envelopes, sorting letters, arranging for pick up and delivery. (That's why plenty of volunteers needed!)

And for the upcoming Fund-raising dinner on the 1st Nov? That'll involve designing tickets, printing them, making tens (or more) of calls and SMS's to friends, associates, acquaintance, supporters etc. (I've just reached "Y" on the address book), meetings to sort out logistics, walking PJ to sell tickets to PJ residents and businessmen.

Then there's the community service bit where I handle cases and issues brought up by the public from investment scams, irresponsible developers, mom and pop contractors failing to secure payment, social welfare cases, abuse of power by city councils etc. Additionally, press conferences are called to highlight many of these cases. Oh, they'll never be highlighted in the Star or NST (because it's DAP), but you'd find them very regularly in the Chinese press.

Ah, and how about standing in (or moving around) morning markets going "Rocket! Rocket! Read all about it, for just two Ringgit". Hey, it works! Besides managing to sell quite well, quite a few people stopped to talk to me as well, with some having seen me in the papers or visited my blog ;) It certainly helps lift the spirits ;)

That of course, doesn't yet include all the obligatory party activities such as attending party functions, strategy meetings, meeting up with volunteers and supporters plus of course, carrying out my job as the Rocket editor.

So, I certainly am working my butts off and hopefully it'll make a difference. As a consequence, the blog will suffer a little, hopefully not too much. With some assistance from others, I do plan to update the blog with pictures and short write ups of more of my activities, then just commentaries. That way, readers will also probably get a better picture of what I do as an unemployed politician ;)
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