Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Starting the Machinery

With the Machap electoral campaign winding to a close, I've certainly learnt a great deal in terms of running an election campaign. And with the next general elections expected within the next 12 months, the experience could not have come at a better time.

Don't ask me where I'll be standing in the next elections because nothing has yet been finalised, and in politics, always expected the last minute changes. However, that shouldn't stop me from preparing all the other stuff which can be done over the next few months, before the mad scramble during the election period.

But I certainly can't do it alone. I'm looking for dedicated and competent people to help with my campaign. People of all talents are required, from technology, to writing (all languages), to design, to statistics, and in particular, meticulous organisation capabilities given the complexity and intensity of Malaysian electoral campaigns. Some may also be assigned roles in the national election programmes, not just my own.

I'm looking for people interested in working full-time, whether short-term for the period until the general elections, or even longer term after that. I certainly can't hire everyone, hence I would certainly welcome dedicated individuals who are willing to contribute their expertise to the campaign on a part-time basis as well. Or if you have friends who may be interested, let them know.

It is certainly exciting times ahead, but the work starts now. I need people who are strong with team work, and who are happy to put aside individual egos, for hopefully the better good. A lot of people of contributed fantastic ideas, and I'd certainly look to putting them to practise. But without a strong, competent and dedicated team, I will be but 1-man, and 1-man certain isn't enough.

This is certainly a good time to get exposed to actual campaign machinery during an election which recurs only every 4-5 years, and is probably a good experience for many with some hint of political (or related) ambitions. Most importantly, win or lose, it is most important to know that we have run the campaign to the best of our abilities, and we enjoyed ourselves doing so.

Email me @ tonypua(at)! ;)
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